Wednesday, February 29, 2012

THE COLOR OF LOVE by T Ware Sr and Malaika Witherspoon

Paint yourself a picture
of soft glowing orange ambers
remaining from the fireplace,
imagine Blue as the color of my tears
With your strong hands I need you to wipe and smother my fears.
Imagine Hope for our future will come in a shade of yellow
It is one more step before you become my fellow
Can you imagine that?

Imagine Green as the signal for both of us to move forward
and allow us to release the tension and let all of our feelings

Imagine Orange as my temperature at the highest peak of
ecstasy.... Could you take me there?
This is the shade it should become even if you're just
lying next to me.

Imagine Pink as the color between the orange and red
Some may say its the danger zone which is something we both may dread
but it happens right?

Imagine Red as the ultimate color that represents my heart
Please handle it gently and don't break it apart.
When I see a rainbow, I see more than the average woman,
I see my colors of love...What do you see Mr. Poet?

The passion from the picture that sits in front of me
Glowing as the ambers shine through your eyes
Though tears of Blue slide down your cheek
It’s the warmth in your soul that embraces me
Is it possible that one plus one can become we?

I can imagine that happiness shining like the sun
But it’s the color Green that intrigues me
Most would say it represents money
But actually the growth between us
Is what this color represents to me

Ecstasy is my destiny in which you shall remain
Anything less would be unfit for you to call me your man
Complimenting your soul with my tongue
By the words that are spoken never leaving my actions undone
Do you think I could be the one?

Danger zone, naw, not in this you see
The passion of these colors is how we’ll be lead
Especially from the color of Red
As I take yours and give you mine
Everything about you I desire to find

You see God made a covenant with Noah
The representation of that is the Rainbow
So as unto him I make this covenant unto you
Only Love in your life I’ll sow
My determination
That always shining in your life will be a Rainbow
So you will always see the Color of Love…..
Could you get use to that?

T Ware Sr./ Malaika Witherspoon © 2011

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